Touched by Olivia’s vision is “Inclusion through Play”

Touched by Olivia’s vision is “Inclusion through Play”

We believe that great things are achieved through building an ecosystem of like minded people, that leverage each other’s ideas and efforts so that the sum of the parts is greater than what otherwise would have been achieved.

Strategic partnerships are key to this vision, at all levels. By definition, strategic partnerships need to benefit all parties involved. Our strategic partnerships include the 4 pillars of Government, Corporate, NGO and Community, for example:

 1.       The Government sector – It is essential, in order to ensure success of any of our projects, to have endorsed sponsorship from Federal and State members. At a local government level, both political and executive ownership and sponsorship allows many “barriers” to be removed, so we can focus on the outcome of our vision: that all children can play side by side, regardless of their ability. In return, the government sector achieves much more effective infrastructure with a lower funding model.

2.       Corporate Sector – Essential to providing much needed funding and expertise. In return, corporate organisations with a focus in the construction and engineering sectors achieve significant cultural and branding benefits, as staff utilise their skills to work that will be a visible symbol of their efforts for a decade or more.

3.       NGOs – We believe in partnering with all NGOs, that share a common vision of Inclusion. We are not in competition with other NGOs, and openly share all information, contacts and practices to achieve a greater common good. We work closely with senior research and academic organisations to bring their expertise to the coal face of Inclusive Design.

4.       Community – Each project has a community driver that enables true community ownership of each project. The Community Drivers utilise the TBOF Community Driver Packs, that provide templates for fund raising, community consultation, corporate sponsorship, etc.

Through working with all sectors of society in strategic partnerships, more will be achieved with less.