Our Logo

12322882_1171035286254103_6788465573299335729_oWhen John and Justine Perkins lost their 8 month old daughter suddenly to a rare disease, their lives were forever changed. From the darkest of places that a parent can experience, came a quest to bring new life to other families who suffer on a daily basis.

Touched by Olivia Foundation honours Olivia’s memory by creating a legacy that will change people’s lives forever. In her short life, Olivia touched many hearts. It is John and Justine’s hope that Olivia will continue to touch many more lives through the work undertaken by the charity.

As we enter our tenth year, we have refreshed and simplified the logo. The transformation of the logo is depicted below.

Our new logo has a simplified font, and includes Olivia’s actual handprints, joined together to form a perfectly imperfect shaped butterfly. Olivia’s hands were not the same – her left hand is malformed as it was her left side that was affected by her disease and highlights the beauty of difference. The butterfly is symbolic of new life. The entire logo is pictured within the shape of an “O” – O being for Olivia. Pink is the staple colour of the logo forever reminding us of the little baby girl who touched our hearts.

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