STORY COMPETITION: Ahoy there, authors!

We are looking for a story to publish to celebrate the launch of Livvi’s Place at Sienna Wood!
The theme is to be shipwreck to reflect the design of Livvi’s Place. The storybook will be 20 pages completed, so needs to be no more than 300 words.
Marie O’Neill Illustrator will be bringing the words to life, and the book will be launched on International Day of People with Disability – Australia.
There’s a $250 prize for the winner, plus 10 copies of your published book.
Please submit by email to before 18 October 2017.
A perspective drawing of Livvi's Place Sienna Wood
A perspective drawing of Livvi’s Place Sienna Wood, due to be open for play in Oct 2017.
Stockland has a national partnership with Touched by Olivia. The purpose of this partnership is to build more inclusion into Stockland communities through the construction of Inclusive Playspaces, known as Livvi’s Place.
TBO has worked closely with the Stockland team responsible for Sienna Wood to develop a design that reflects the principles of universal design, and the needs of the community through consultation activities.
The project is to be called Livvi’s Place Sienna Wood, and is currently in construction. It will be opened on December 3rd,