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Address                     . Boundless Playground, Kings Park, Wendouree Dr, Parkes ACT
    • Fenced
    • Undercover picnic tables (wheelchair accessible)
    • BBQ facilities inside fence area
    • Accessible toilets
    • Shaded areas
    • Accessible parking
 Statistics   . Opened:  March 2011

Read about the opening here.


Maintenance contact: 

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Boundless Canberra is the name given to The National Children’s Playground Project, a project to build an inclusive playspace in the national capital precinct. Touched by Olivia was approached to support the fundraising and design elements of this gift to Canberra and the Nation’s children.

A gift from the public servants of Canberra as a demonstration of the spirit of service that underpins the ACT and Australian Public Service ethos, and a gift from the private sector who have helped build Canberra over the past 100 years.

Boundless Canberra will leave a lasting legacy to be enjoyed by children of all abilities well into the next century. As an inclusive playspace, it will foster inclusion and respect for our fellow Australians, reinforce how we see ourselves and how we want the rest of Australia to see us when they visit their national capital.

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