Playgrounds are places where childhood memories are made… and so are kitchens! We love playing with food as much as we love playing at the park, whether that be whipping up real scones or ones made with mud. 

What we know about play is that it improves our creativity, language, coordination, social skills, physical and mental health. Which is why Touched by Olivia foundation is committed to making play spaces for EVERYONE, where EVERYONE has access to play and can feel INCLUDED.

This year, we are putting the focus on Pia’s Place, the Touched by Olivia playspace to be built at Whiteman Park, Western Australia.  Our aim this Sconetober  is to raise at least$200,000 dollars for inclusive play. We hope it’ll be as easy as jam and cream!

Why Scones? 

A few months ago, 7 year old Charlie invited his friend, Eva, to come over to bake scones and sell them in their neighbourhood to raise funds for Pia’s Place. They raised $18.50 and generously donated their money to Touched by Olivia Foundation, the charity foundation responsible for enabling Pia’s Place to be built. This selfless and generous act gave rise to Sconetober and now we have a whole fundraising campaign based on this simple idea!

We are asking for a LITTLE donation from A LOT of people to make a BIG difference. You can hold a bake sale for Sconetoberor donate your little bit straight to us! Your donation will go a long way to ensuring every child is included in play!

Text “SCONE” to 0437 371 371 or visit for more information.