IMG_0028 (1)Your donation to Touched by Olivia will make a big difference to the lives to hundreds of thousands of families across Australia.

Touched by Olivia is a not for profit organisation, who recently partnered with Variety. Together, we will continue to work hard to ensure that government, corporate and communities collaborate together to create inclusive playspaces.

To continue its work, Touched by Olivia relies on the generosity of the Australian public and private sectors.  You can support Touched by Olivia by: 

Whatever you can do – big or small, once or regularly – will be truly valued and appreciated.Every dollar donated to a Livvi’s Place goes directly to that project because our overheads are so low and covered by philanthropic grants. To help us on our mission to ensure that every community has a Livvi’s Place, please consider donating today.All donations over $2 to Touched by Olivia are tax deductible.

In less than 10 years, Touched by Olivia has spread its wings and opened 19 Livvi’s Places across Australia. These playspaces are underpinned by the principles of universal design and reinforce the basic right that every child needs to play.  Many more playspaces are planned to help Touched by Olivia reach its ultimate goal – to become redundant.  This will happen when every playspace in Australia considers the needs of all people.

Did you know:

  • 1 in 100 children are on the Autism Spectrum
  • 25% of Australian children are overweight
  • 1 in 5 Australians have a disability
  • Play is a fundamental social building block that can connect and include our most isolated members of the community.