Pia’s Place – Whiteman Park – OPEN FOR PLAY!!

Dec 2019



by Amy Rudd (Mum to Pia)

In the winter of 2007, I dreamt of a playspace. In my dream, I felt the wind touch my face and bring the sound of laughter. I saw the sunlight reflect rainbows onto a path filled with children of all abilities and I felt the energy of a community finding hope in the next generation.

In the autumn of 2013, I continue to immerse myself in the dream of a playspace but I have found that I am no longer alone in my dream. What was once my personal dream has now become the dream of a community. I have shared my dream and found others who have shared similar dreams and together, we look forward to awakening from our dreams and finding them to be a shared reality.


Pia Rudd


Vale Wendy Seymour




On 6th October 2016 we lost a good egg – a play warrior.

Our dear friend and play person, Wendy Seymour, passed in her sleep after being diagnosed with a brain tumour earlier this year.

Wendy was a wonderful advocate for play. Touched By Olivia (Bec) first met Wendy in 2011. We were travelling by train from the International Play Association Convention in Wales back to London when Barb Champion introduced us with her usual flair – “you two need to know each other”.

Wendy was so generous with her exceptional and unique skill and experience in designing landscapes, and shared a story of her mate Amy Rudd. Amy had lost her baby Pia, and wanted to create a positive meaning to her life. Wendy and Amy had partnered up to design an amazing, inclusive nature playground in Whiteman Park, Western Australia. Did Touched by Olivia want to get involved? Of course we did. And the friendship began.

Wendy joined us on the National Inclusive Playspace  advisory panel TBO facilitated in 2012 and provided knowledge, valuable insight and passion.

Wendy has designed some of the most innovative and inclusive playspaces, and educated so many of us on the extensive benefits of true nature play.

Pia’s Place is hoped to open in 2017, and will be Wendy’s Magnum opus.

Our love and thoughts go to her family and all those who are missing her.

In lieu of floral gifts, Wendy had requested that donations be made to Pia’s Place, to help bring her final, and potentially greatest, playspace to life.

Vale Wendy Seymour

Watch Wendy speak about inclusion.