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Stage Consultation
An inclusive playspace will be born from a partnership between Touched by Olivia, Variety NSW and Mid Coast Council. Located in Fotheringham Park, adjacent to the beautiful foreshore of the Manning River over the Martin Bridge, Variety Livvi’s Place will be a special place where differences are accepted and everyone is invited to play side by side, enjoying the benefits of belonging and being an active part of the community. What makes this project even better is the play-space will be designed in partnership with our local community. 
 Get Involved There has also been some great brainstorming happening on Variety Livvi’s Place Taree Facebook page, so if you’d like to join in click here. 


Touched By Olivia has set-up a fundraising website that gives community members and groups the opportunity to donate by purchasing a paver.  This is a great way to not only contribute to getting this important project off the ground, but the personalised pavers serve as a lasting reminder of the part you played in bringing Variety Livvi’s Place Taree to life.

To donate by purchasing a paver in your own name, or on behalf of your family, your business or a community group, click here.

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