And the winner is…

On Tuesday night we frocked up and headed to our nation’s capital for the ARIAs of the disability world: the National Disability Awards. Surrounded by inspiring organisations and individuals, we took our seats and nervously waited for our category “Inclusive and Accessible Communities” to be announced. It was a great shock and honour when Touched by Olivia was called out by Senator Mitch Fifield. We are so thrilled to be nominated and recognised for our work to make Australia more inclusive. You can read all about the event and the other winners here.


We’ve taken it straight to the pool room to hang out with some of our other awards:

  • Best Playspace in Australia 2010, Parks and Leisure Australia
  • John Perkins, Father of the Year Inner West 2009
  • Justine Perkins, Inner West Citizen of The Year 2008
  • Community Contribution Inner West Business Awards 2008
  • Vodafone World of Difference Program Sponsorship 2011
  • IPWEA Award for Best Community Facility, 2010
  • World Leisure Organisation – International Innovation Award 2011
  • NSW Volunteer team of the Year 2012
  • Article 31 – Promotion of play in community 2013
  • Premiers People’s Choice Award for Landscape Architecture 2013
  • Sydney Greenspace Award 2013
  • Parks and Leisure Best Playspace Victoria 2014
  • National Disability Awards Inclusive and Accessible Communities 2014