Accessing Accessible Amenities Survey

For some of us, the simple dignity of using the toilet can require detailed preparation and planning. Assistance is needed to build better, more inclusive places. Touched by Olivia was proud to work with some of Australia’s leading designers, architects, academics and advocates to create, an online resource and set of principles available for anyone looking to develop an inclusive playspace. The principles are:
1. Everyone can play
2. A connection to community
3. Access to Nature
4. Total Experience
5. Play Independence – I can do it myself!
6. Friendship – Social participation. We advocate for total experience in the Livvi’s Place National Network. That means we consider how people travel to our playspace, parking and pathways, and what amenities are required to make the experience as inclusive as possible. One of the most important elements of successfully achieving this is by creating bathrooms/toilets/amenities that meet the needs of everyone. Please, take 2 minutes and complete this survey. The results will be used to inform the design decisions in our projects going forward, and shared with other advocacy and decision making organisations. We would appreciate if you could forward this link to anyone you think may have valuable input to the discussion.