State of Play 2016

Touched by Olivia was established almost 10 years ago. In that time, 20 Livvi’s Place inclusive playspaces have been opened across Australia. A Livvi’s Place provides a unique environment for children of all ages and all abilities to play side by side. Extensive research and community consultation have gone into the development of these play spaces to make them truly world class facilities.

The aim of developing a Livvi’s Place is to create a space that dramatically reduces the barriers experienced by children with special needs and their families, helping to give them a level playing field for life, resulting in having an inclusive playspace where children of all abilities can play, learn and socialise together.

In 2016, we surveyed over 1000 people of all ages and abilities across Australia. The results have been reviewed, and attached is the summary report, State of Play 2016. It provides in-depth information and research behind the importance and necessity of having inclusive play spaces in Australia.

View it by clicking here

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