Launching Butterfly Buddies in your community

When the world is told to isolate, inclusion is where our heart is. For many out there, this new world is scary, overwhelming and full of risk. Some are not able to venture outside, some are not willing to venture outside, some have nowhere to turn. This is where Touched by Olivia steps in. We are launching our new campaign to activate communities – to bring inclusion to others through our “Butterfly Buddies”. Butterfly Buddies are people within your community who can help you through this crisis. They will check in on you, go to the shops for you, walk your dog for you, mow your lawn for you, bake some goodies for you. They will be your buddies to turn to and they will make sure you’re ok.
We are starting small but our dream is to go BIG! In time we will have an app to support this campaign but in the meantime, what we need are Butterfly Buddies in every community. If you have some spare time and can sign up as a Butterfly Buddy, then fill in this form –
We can then buddy you up with people in your community. We will also equip you with a toolkit of resources at our cost so you can reach more people within your community. See our first item below – a flyer you can print and pop in your neighbourhood’s letter boxes to reach out to those people truly in need.

If however you need a Butterfly Buddy, then please fill in this form

Friday 20 March, 2020,. we will launch our first initiative – “Furry Friends Friday” where buddies can offer to take a neighbours dog for a walk or to the park, and may even be able to run an errand at the same time.

Come on communities – let’s isolate with inclusion and let’s work together.